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Disabled People's Forum - Thursday 9th June 2022 2.30 pm

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Welcomes, Introductions and Apologies


Everyone was welcomed to the meeting and introductions made aruond the room and screen.

Apologies were received from Cllr Alan Chantler (Co-Chair), Kit Nicolas and Neil Goosey.


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Martin reminded everyone of meeting ettique and asked they go through the Chair when wanting to speak.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 373 KB


Amendment – Beverley Mennell had given her apologies.  Otherwise they were agreed to be a true record of the meeting.



Age UK - Getting Older with a Disability


Christine introduced her and Wendy as Aging Well Co-ordinators.  They worked with anyone over the age of 65 years.  They had a relatively new project working with other providers such as NHFT, WNC, Primary Care, Carers and specific organisations such as Alzheimer’s.    The individual would have a 45 minute consultation with a GP, either face to face or virtually.  Someone would visit the home with a laptop if required.  The consultation would look at the person as a whole and the wider team could bring their skills to get the support required.  The person would be able to ask whatever they wanted, there would be a medication review, adaptations could be looked at and other things that would help that person live a better life.   There would be a lead GP for a group of Surgeries and it would be a person who had expressed a desire to do this.  There was no charge for this service.


Surgeries would be looking at their patient list to try and identify those they had not seen for ages, nurses and other health practitioners could refer or individuals could self-refer.  This way of working had started in October and was a new way of agencies working together.  Christine stated they were very keen to learn what groups and activities were going on so they could signpost and also to raise awareness of the project.


Age UK Northants activities were just getting going again after Covid – there were walking groups for those with mobility issues, including 1 to 1 walks.  Currently establishing what else was out there to refer people to, also some people needed support to start attending groups as they did not have the confidence to go on their own.


Carl stated that rural communities were impacted more, especially around isolation, due to transport issues, there was the Door2Door service but it only operated within Northampton.  Christine responded that they had recently discussed this very issue and there was some money in the pot but they needed to understand what and where the demand was.


Age UK Northamptonshire had, on occasions, to step in to help people where repairs were concerned and also assist with benefits.  Martin stated that Covid had had a negative effect with the repairs and they were trying to get back on track but things might take a bit longer than pre-Covid.


There were a lot of information guides and factsheets available on the website which were also available to order as paper copies and a magazine called Engage.  The Factsheets and Guides can be accessed through the link below.  Indexes are attached to the minutes.  The guides were easy read and available in large print and audio format.

Age UK factsheets and information guides | Age UK


If anyone would like more information about Age UK Northamptonshire, or have someone talk at their group, please contact Pandora in the first instance -

or tel 01604 611200.  They would always go and talk to groups when  ...  view the full minutes text for item 20.


Community Information Exchange



Debbie – As well as the International Day of People with Disabilities in December, the following week was Disability Awareness Week and Debbie asked if the Forum would like to explore doing something for the following year.  This was agreed and will be looked at in a further meeting.   Debbie also asked people to think about what they would like to cover for this year’s IDPWD.


Graeme – Bad news in that the Annual National Disability & Activity Survey results show that participation levels by disabled people have fallen again & the gap between them & non - disabled people's activity levels have grown again! Disabled people reporting that they don't feel that physical activity is for them & they don't feel welcomed in sessions, so no connection, or motivation to do it! The full results & report can be read here:-

Positive outcome for the Disabled People's Forum in that following Jim Hawkins from Northants County Cricket Club attending a previous meeting to consult with partners they've now started delivering Super 1s sessions for disabled people in Northampton & Rushden.

Finally to finish with some good news! Maisie Summers - Newton, Will Perry & twin sisters Scarlett & Eliza Humphrey all from Northampton Swimming Club have flown out to Madeira to compete for Great Britain in the World Para Swimming Championships.  Info and link for viewing sent out previously.



Items for Future Meetings


DWP – benefits

WNC – public toilets

Police – Fraud Awareness




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2.30pm Thursday 4 August 2022 – by Teams or face-to-face in Northampton’s Guildhall

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2.30pm Thursday 4th August, in Northampton’s Guildhall and on Teams