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Information about Council

The Full Council (or the Council) is the term for the assembly of all of the elected members who sit on the Council. There are 93 members on the West Northamptonshire Council, and they make some decisions together. The decisions made by Council are those described as non-executive decisions by the law relating to council decision making. Examples of non-executive decisions include:

·      Setting the Council’s Budget

·      Agreeing the overarching policy of the Council – called the Policy Framework

·      Electing the Leader of the Council

·      Appointing the Council’s Non-Executive Committees

In addition, the Council will deal with matters which are not political but require objective decision making. These include:

·      Elections

·      Pensions

·      Planning

·      Licensing

·      Staffing

·      Signing off the annual accounts

The majority of the decisions of the Council are decided by the Executive (Cabinet) and further information about the role of the Executive is set out in Part 5 of the Constitution.