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Strategic Planning Committee

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Information about Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for functions relating to town and country planning and development control as specified in Part A of Schedule 1 of the Local Authorities Functions and Responsibilities (England) Regulations 2000 including in relation to strategic applications meeting the thresholds set out in (i), (ii) and (iii) below:


-       Large-scale major developments defined (by the Government’s planning application statistical returns) as those of 200 houses (or 4 hectares) or more

-       Commercial developments of 10,000 square metres (or 2 hectares) or more

-       Strategically important developments (as identified by the Assistant Director for Growth, Climate and Regeneration, following consultation with the Chair of the Local Planning Committee for the area in which the development is proposed).


The Strategic Planning Committee is also responsible for:


-       Applications called in that cross the boundary of two local area committees.

-       Any application where the Assistant Director – Growth and Investment considers it inappropriate to exercise delegated powers having regard to the public representations received and consultee responses.

-       There shall be no referral down of applications from Strategic Planning Committee to Local Area Planning Committees.