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Cabinet Reports and Record of Decisions Taken by the Cabinet


Councillor Nunn presented his report as Leader of the Council and highlighted the salient points. In response to questions, the Leader advised that at a recent Transformation briefing, a workstream log was provided which updated Members of progress made. In relation to budget setting, priority areas had been identified and would continue to receive the necessary funding.


Councillor Brown presented his report as Deputy Leader and highlighted the salient points. In response to questions, The Deputy Leader agreed to review underspends relating to the Disabled Facilities Grant and the underlying reasons. With regard to carbon-neutral homes, it was confirmed that NPH were looking into passive housing options.


Councillor Golby noted that the Health and Wellbeing Board at its meeting next week would be discussing the Disabled Facilities Grant process.


Councillor Larratt presented his report as Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport, Highways and Waste and highlighted the salient points. In response to questions, Councillor Larratt commented that West Northamptonshire would still benefit from HS2 with the recent cancellation of the northern arm. With regard to bus services, it was unfortunate that some services in West Northamptonshire were not yet running at full capacity, but efforts were being made to remedy this. Councillor Larratt confirmed that he was liaising with officers with regard to delayed EV charging points in several villages and that these would be installed as soon as possible, notwithstanding power supply challenges.


Due to the time limit applicable to this item, the remaining reports were noted.




Council noted the Cabinet Member reports and the decision records from 14th September, 12th October and 9th November 2021 Cabinet meetings.

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