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Planning Application DA/2020/1148 East Haddon


Having declared an interest, Councillors Daniel Cribbin and Kevin Parker left the meeting during the consideration of the following item and Councillor Alan Chantler took the Chair.


DA/2020/1148 EAST HADDON – Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission DA/2018/0157 (erection of two storey detached dwelling utilising existing private access, plot 1 Tythe Farm (revised scheme)) – to alter the scale and appearance of the dwelling, including raising the height of the building by 1 metre to provide living accommodation in the roof at second floor, construction of first floor balcony platform on rear elevation and to increase the footprint of the dwelling (retrospective) – Tythe Farm, Holdenby Road


The Principal Planning Officer outlined the report. The site had an extensive planning history and was originally granted prior approval as former agricultural buildings. The application was retrospective as the building had not been built in accordance with the approved plans. However, it was pointed out that the application should be considered as new. The roof height had been increased by around one metre in height, and extended and moved closer to plot 2. Highways had raised no objections.  The principle of development had been established on the site, and it was for the Committee to determine if the harm was considered acceptable or not.


Sebastian Charles spoke against the application, and Eddie Nixon spoke in favour of the application.


Councillor Phil Bignell noted that the application was controversial. Permission had been granted in May 2018. The property was 27% bigger than on the original plan and it dominated the surroundings. Numerous objections had been received. If allowed, the decision could set a precedent. The amendments to the original application were not minor. Demolition was not the answer but compromise should be discussed to reduce the impact.


In response to a question from Councillor Wendy Randall, the Principal Planning Officer advised that the floor space had increased by 206 square metres, with 96 square metres of that being at roof height.


The Chair advised that members needed to focus on whether the additional harm outweighed the benefits. With regards to the Special Landscape Area (SLA), permission had already been granted with this consideration. Councillor Rupert Frost questioned the Chair’s comments. The Council’s Legal Adviser responded that the Chair was entitled to be involved in the debate and was factually correct in his comments. The planning regime was regulatory, not punitive.


The Principal Planning Officer advised that officers were recommending the application be approved but members were entitled to come to a different opinion if they considered that the additional changes were harmful to the Special Landscape Area. The Committee must consider whether the bulk and massing of the development impacted on the character of the locality. Strong planning reasons were needed to sustain any appeal.


Councillor Daniel Lister proposed that the application be refused as the significant scale, increase in height and massing was damaging to the Special Landscape Area. The proposition was seconded by Councillor Peter Matten and on being put to the meeting was declared carried with four voting in favour, none against and one abstention.




That the application be refused for the following reasons:


The original approved dwelling is of a significant scale and the submitted proposal seeks to further increase the height and scale of the building. The dwelling, as constructed, by reasons of its sheer bulk and mass has deviated from the character and form of the original approved building, and the constructed development owing to its scale and appearance, detracts from the character and appearance of the existing group of buildings at Tythe Farm and has resulted in harm to the character and appearance of the Special Landscape Area and open countryside. The development, therefore, is contrary to Policies R1 9) C) E) i) and S10 (i) of the adopted West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy 2014; Policies SP1 (G), ENV2, ENV10 A) i) iii) vii) B), RA6 vi) of the adopted Settlements and Countryside Local Plan (Part 2) for Daventry District 2020; Paragraphs 122 d) e), 127 a) b) c) and 130 of the National Planning Policy Framework 2019 and The National Design Guide 2019 (Paragraphs 20-21, 37-39); which seek to protect Special Landscape Areas, promote ‘environmental improvements’, ‘good/ high quality design and architecture’, ensure planning proposals ‘blend in well with the site and surroundings’, ‘add to the quality of the area and be sympathetic to local character’ and ‘respect the surrounding built and natural environment’.


Councillor Kevin Parker returned to the Chair to close the meeting.

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