Committee details

Planning Policy Committee

Purpose of committee

The purpose of the Planning Policy Committee is to exercise the Council’s executive functions in relation to the preparation and, where applicable, approval of planning policy and neighbourhood planning documents.


The members of the Committee represent as far as possible the political balance of the Council as a whole, but this is not a counting committee for the purposes of establishing political balance.

Membership shall consist of:

(a)  Three Executive Members

(b)  Six Non-Executive Members (3 Conservative, 2 Labour, 1 Liberal Democrat) to include the Chairs of the Local and Strategic Planning Committees

As this is an Executive Committee only the Executive members shall vote, but the aim of the Committee is to try to establish broad consensus about the development of planning policy.


Contact information

Support officer: Ed Bostock, Democratic Services.

Postal address:
The Guildhall
St Giles Street