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Harmonisation of the Garden Waste Collection Service Across West Northamptonshire

09/11/2021 - Harmonisation of the Garden Waste Collection Service Across West Northamptonshire

RESOLVED: That Cabinet

a) Agreed that a charge was made for kerbside garden waste collection for all residents of West Northamptonshire who opt into this service of £42 per bin per year, from 1 April 2022;

b) Approved the decision to run the customer service and administration of the garden waste collection service in-house for all residents of West Northamptonshire, thus removing its administration from West Northamptonshire Norse, in the Daventry area.

c) Approved the establishment of a subsidised home composting scheme, to be launched at the same time as the charge 2022/23, to offer residents an alternative.



a) The introduction of a charge for the collection of garden waste would bring the south of West Northamptonshire into harmony with the rest of the council area. The scheme would be run council-wide with the level of charge, terms and conditions and service standards the same across west Northamptonshire.

b) Charging for the collection of garden waste would ensure that only those who wish to use the service pay for it and in that way, supports the Polluter Pays Principle. Therefore, those who home compost, or who don’t have gardens or who take their garden waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centre would not pay for the collection service.

c) The Council would be permitted to levy a ‘reasonable’ charge for the garden waste service (under the Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012). The proposed charge would generate income essential to part fund the waste collection services provided to the residents of West

Northamptonshire. This includes approximately £800,000 in additional net income to the council in 2022/23 for the south area, where the charge would be newly introduced. It would also maintain the approximate £2.2 million of annual income from the areas of the council where there was an existing charge.

d) The £42 charge recommended for 2022/23 would be the same as was charged in the Daventry and Northampton areas in 2021/22 and so would represent no increase for those residents and is identified as average across the region.

e) The proposal to bring the customer service and administration of the garden waste collection service would enable the Council to have a direct interface with residents who wish to opt-in to this service, ensuring they receive the best possible customer service.

f) The subsidised home composting scheme would provide an alternative option for residents who do not want to pay the collection fee. It also promotes home composting, which in waste management terms is a preferred option.



a) In reviewing the council’s garden waste service, several alternative options were considered for harmonising it across the whole of West Northamptonshire. Appendix A of the report showed a table of the

considered options, along with the positive and negative considerations of each option and the financial impact of each.

b) Officers had considered whether it would be appropriate and possible to offer discounts, for example in the following circumstances:

·         A resident pays by direct debit; or

·         A household has more than one bin (multi-bin discount); or

·         If a household would like to pay for more than one year in advance; or

·         For residents in receipt of certain benefits.


The council would seek to establish a single auto payment system across West Northants which might enable future opportunities for any discounts to be administered as well as providing evidence of where any discounts were needed or justified based on usage.

Therefore, it was agreed to introduce the scheme using existing payment systems in April 2022.