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Taxi & General Licensing Sub-Committee

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Information about Taxi & General Licensing Sub-Committee

Sitting as a sub-committee comprising of 3 members drawn from the main Taxi & General Licensing Committee on an ad-hoc basis. The functions are:

To determine all matters relating to the grant, renewal or review of taxi licences (which, for the avoidance of doubt, shall include hackney carriage and private hire vehicle driver and operator licences) and to decide whether to suspend or revoke such licences in accordance with the 1847 and 1976 Acts, except where there is a valid delegation to officers from the Taxi and 44 West Northamptonshire Council Constitution – December 2021 General Licensing Committee made in accordance with parts 9.2.1 and 9.2.3 of this Constitution insofar as they apply to the delegation of non-executive powers and duties set out in the 1847 and 1976 Acts, associated regulations and other statutory and discretionary licensing schemes;

In cases where the Assistant Director Regulatory Services has on public safety grounds revoked with immediate effect a taxi licence in accordance with section 61 (2B) of the 1976 Act, to determine an application for the grant of a new licence submitted by the driver/operator whose earlier licence was revoked; and

To determine all matters relating to street trading licences and consents where representation have been received.