Agenda item

DA/2018/0526 Land at Mickle Well Park, Ashby Road, Daventry


Approved subject to conditions set out in the report.


DA/2018/0526 for the Reserved matters application (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) for development of 344 dwellings (including 17 self-build plots) pursuant to condition 1 of outline planning permission DA/2014/0869 in addition to discharge of conditions, 10, 15, 21, 22, 26 & 32


The Principal Planning Officer outlined the information in the report to Committee for the reserved matter application


In response to Members’ enquiries, the Principal Planning Officer advised that:

  • They would be working with the developer regarding the clustering.
  • The policy requirement for the provision of affordable housing for a development was a minimum of 25% and the provision on this development would be higher than that.
  • The affordable housing would be ‘Tenure Blind’ and therefore would not be identifiable.
  • The pricing of affordable housing was not within planning control. 
  • Design guides would set out the specification for the self-build and would include a minimum Sustainable Home Code level 4 and address climate change requirements.
  • The Councils requirement to amend the house types and the number of affordable units required to ensure the provision met the policy requirements,  would be addressed with the applicant.   Should the requirements not be met the application would be re-presented to committee.


George Smith, the agent addressed the Committee in support of the application.


In response to enquiries, the Principal Planning Officer reported that:

  • Self-build would be delivered through the design code, where the level of specification would be brought forward. 
  • Once self-build developers had been identified they would determine the requirements and the specification. The design and build of houses would be set out in a design code. 
  • The build within the site would be delivered through a selection of projects once the demand had been assessed – not been actively marketed to make the assessment.
  • 17 units and additional 7 on phase 1.  Legal agreement would need to be varied if the 17 (application approved subject to legal agreement and conditions). 
  • Local authority would be assisting with the self-build.
  • Solar panels would be included within the site. 
  • There would be provision of Electrical Charging Units for electric vehicles.
  • The external appearance of the self-build would be approved through the reserved matters application.  The design code specifications would allow for innovation but would be sensitive to the area.
  • The provision of two bed houses had been reviewed with the Council’s planning strategy team.
  • Shared ownership properties were included within the site as per the policy – a mix of 2/3 rented 1/3 shared ownership.
  • Approval would be subject to the conditions listed and would be capped off before development.
  • The community facilities would comprise of a shop and community facility for local groups. Flat would be built on the upper floor above the shop so the area was in constant use to deter antisocial behaviour.  The community use D1, D2 had been secured by legal conditions.


Councillor David James proposed the application be approved, this was seconded by Councillor John Shepherd and on being put to the meeting was declared carried unanimously.



That the Assistant Director for Growth, Climate and Regeneration be granted Delegated Powers to finalise matters as set out within the report and then to grant planning permission subject to conditions as deemed appropriate relating to:


·      Final plans

·      Materials submission

·      Securing parking for private motor vehicles

·      Implement ecological and landscape management plan

·      Secure self-build principles


Supporting documents: