Agenda item

Housing Revenue Account Final Budget 2022-23 and Medium Term Financial Plan


Councillor Longley presented a report which set out the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Final Budget 2023-24 and Medium-Term Financial Plan for West Northamptonshire Council and sought Council’s approval of the HRA revenue and capital budget 2023-24 and sought to set out the future years’ projections to 2027-28.


Councillor A Brown seconded the report.


Councillors debated the report, and the following comments were made:

·       The inclusion of Ecton Brook Care Home was good to see in the report and included a much-needed community centre.

·       The 7% rent increase was pragmatic; any more would have been unaffordable.

·       The Hardship Fund was welcome; work was needed to ensure it reached those who needed it most.

·       There was concern around the lack of affordable housing that private developers were providing.

·       Members gave thanks to Northampton Partnership Homes who were seen as more than “just” a landlord.


At the conclusion of the debate, there voted for the recommendations:

Councillors Jamal Alwahabi, Bagot-Webb, Baker, Barter, Beardsworth, Bignell, Bowen, Breese, Brown, Clark, Clarke, Clubley, Cole, Connolly, Cooper, Cribbin, Duffy, Dyball, Eastwood, Fowler, Golby, Grant, Hallam, Haque, Harris, Hawes, Herring, Hill, Hinch, Holland-Delamere, Hughes, Irving-Swift, James, Jolley, Joyce, Kilbride, King, Lane          , Larratt, Lister, Longley, Lunn, Matten, McCord, Morton, Nunn, Parker, Patel, Pritchard, Purser, Randall, E Roberts, J Roberts, Rumens, Samiotis, Sargeant, Gonzalez De Savage, Sharps, Shephard, D Smith, Z Smith, Stone, Strachan, Sturges-Alex, Tarasiewicz, Warren.




Council approved:


a)    The HRA revenue budget for 2023-24 of £61.19m.

b)    An average maximum rent increase of 7% per dwelling, in line with the legislation and the government’s amended national rent standard, to take effect from 3 April 2023.

c)     An average maximum increase of 10% in garage rents and commuter surcharges to take effect from 3 April 2023.

d)    An average increase of 10% in tenants and leaseholders service charges with effect from 3 April 2023.

e)    The HRA capital programme for 2023-24, noting the future year estimated commitments, and proposed sources of finance.

f)      The total management fee of £32.8m for NPH to deliver the services in scope for 2023-24.

g)    The setting of the minimum working balance at £5m, informed by the outcome of the latest financial risk assessment.

h)    That authority be delegated to the Executive Director of Finance in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Finance to transfer monies to/from earmarked reserves and the working balance, should that become necessary during the financial year.

i)       That authority be given to the Executive Director of Finance to update the prudential indicators in the Treasury Management Strategy reported to Council.

j)       That authority be delegated to the Executive Director of Finance in consultation with the portfolio holder for Finance to amend the capital programme for 2023-24 going forward so that it accurately reflects issues such as slippage on current year projects that will need to be added to the programme, any amendments made to existing capital programmes, adjustments to accommodate any future use of capital receipts policy, and for any other reason where the capital programme needs to be adjusted.

Supporting documents: