Committee details

Alcohol & Gambling Licensing Sub-Committee

Purpose of committee

Sitting as a sub-committee comprising of 3 members drawn down from the Alcohol & Gambling Licensing Committee on an ad-hoc basis. The functions are:

To hold hearings to determine licensing applications under the 2003 Act, where a representation has been received, except where there is a valid delegation to officers under the provisions of parts 9.2.1 and 9.2.3 of this Constitution insofar as they apply to the delegation of non-executive powers and duties set out in the 2003 Act and associated regulations;

To determine applications for a provisional statement or the grant, variation, or transfer of a premises licence under Part 8 of the 2005 Act where a representation has been received or where the Executive Director of Place and Economy proposes that the power under Section 169(1)(b) be exercised to exclude mandatory premises licence conditions;

To determine all applications for the review or summary review of a premises or club premises licence under the 2005 Act;

To determine applications for club gaming and club machine permits under the 2005 Act where objections have been received and matters relating to the cancellation of club gaming and club machine permits or licensed premises gaming machine permits; and

To determine all matters relating to temporary or occasional use notices under the 2005 Act where objections have been received.


Contact information

Support officer: Richard Woods / Maisie McInnes, Democratic Services.

Postal address:
The Guildhall
St Giles Street

Phone: 01327 322043