Agenda and decisions

Cabinet - Tuesday 14th June 2022 6.00 pm

Venue: The Forum, Towcester, NN12 6AF

Contact: Sofia Neal-Gonzalez, Democratic Services 

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Annual Report & Quarter 4 Performance Report 2021-22 pdf icon PDF 571 KB

Additional documents:


RESOLVED: That Cabinet noted the content of the appendix covering the annual review of WNCs 1st year (2021-22).



·         This report was for information purposes and discussion only, there were no direct decisions to be made following the report

·         The council was required as part of Local Government Act 1972 to report performance of the council to members.






Northamptonshire's Integrated Care System pdf icon PDF 872 KB

Additional documents:



a)    Noted that the nomination process for West Northamptonshire Council’s representative on the Integrated Care Board (ICB) is subject to strict legal requirements and that the nomination would be made by the Leader of the Council in consultation with the Director of Legal and Democratic Services.

b)    Noted the West Health and Wellbeing Board Terms of Reference for the Integrated Care System from the 1st July 2022 which would be put forward for approval at full council on the 30th June 2022

c)    Noted the proposed governance structure for the Integrated Care Partnership (West Place) which were put forward for approval at the Integrated Care Partnership Shadow Board on the 31st May 2022 and the West Health and Wellbeing Board on the 7th June 2022

d)    Cabinet noted the chairing arrangements for the Integrated Care Partnership Board.

e)    Approved the proposed Local Area Partnerships (LAP’s) for the West Place as part of the ICP following consultation with stakeholders

f)     Approved the proposal for one elected member per unitary ward to sit on each of the nine Local Area Partnerships.

g)    Further updates would be presented to Cabinet, Full Council and People Scrutiny as the ICS develops to ensure the Council has appropriate oversight.



·         As set out in the Act the local authority needed to have a representative on the Integrated Care Board and a process for the nomination.

·         The Act set out new statutory responsibilities for the Health and Wellbeing Board and as the board is a statutory function of the local authority these changes needed to be approved by full council as per West Northamptonshire’s Council Constitution.

·         West Northamptonshire Council had a significant role in the development and delivery of the Integrated Care Partnership and this paper sets out the areas where the council has shaped key proposals in line with the legislation and guidance.






Household Support Fund: Scheme 2 Recommendations pdf icon PDF 800 KB



a)    Noted that the Council had wide discretion in the allocation of the Household Support Fund (2);

b)    Approved the allocation of funds set out in the chart in paragraph 6 of the report;

c)    Approved the control and oversight approach set out at paragraph 8.1.1 of the report; and

d)    Noted that depending on take up of the proposed scheme it might have to be adjusted in order to ensure the full allocation is not under or over allocated. Any adjustment will be managed within the terms of existing DWP guidelines.



·         To underpin the West Northamptonshire Anti-Poverty Strategy and ensure residents most in need receive support

·         To ensure that the distribution of funds met the wider communities’ financial needs, where other grants and funding were not available

·         To ensure the level of duplication of grants for the same purpose was minimised

·         To ensure that the maximum assistance was provided to residents in greatest need and that the allocation of funding is fully utilised to meet the needs of residents.






Commissioning residential and nursing care services for older people pdf icon PDF 1 MB


RESOLVED: Cabinet;

a)    Noted legislative and policy requirements introduced by Government in relation to the Social Care Charging Reforms and Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund.

b)    Delegated to the Executive Director for Adults Communities and Wellbeing the decision (subject to the Contract Procedure Rules) to extend the current Care Home Service DPS framework for a period of 8-months.

c)    Noted that a formal engagement and consultation exercise would be conducted with the provider market on the findings of the care home cost review.

d)    Noted that a further report would come to Cabinet in September 2022, which will set out the proposed commissioning intentions for securing future residential and nursing care service supply.



·         To enable West Northamptonshire Council’s to meet the latest changes to the statutory requirements originally set out in the Care Act 2014.

·         To support the development of a sustainable care market as required by the Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund.

·         To maintain purchasing arrangements for the supply of residential and nursing care services for older people.

·         To meet the needs and demands of residents in relation to care and support including people who self-fund their care.



·         Option 1 (recommended) – Extend the current contract to enable alignment of commissioning strategy and activity with requirements of the Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund including market-wide engagement and consultation on how to develop the care market in response to the social care reforms.

·         Option 2 (Not recommended) – Proceed with commissioning and procurement activity to put new contract arrangements in place by September 2022 and respond separately to the social care reforms including assessment of care costs and sustainability planning through existing provider engagement activities.


UK Levelling Up Fund Round Two pdf icon PDF 613 KB

Additional documents:


RESOLVED: That Cabinet;

a)    Noted the activity made to date, timescales and next steps for the Levelling Up Fund applications.

b)    Delegated Authority to the Executive Director of Place, Economy and Environment in consultation with the Executive Director of Finance and the Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Town Centre Regeneration and Growth and approved the final two bids being made to the LUF round two, subject to any Council funding contribution also being in place before submission.

c)    Recommended to Council Subject that, subject to the business case, and the capital and revenue implications stemming from it, being endorsed by the Chief Finance Officer and the relevant portfolio holders, that it approves the additional £21m.



The recommendation was made to enable West Northamptonshire Council to make 2 submissions of up to £20m (up to £40m in total) of Government funding to improve infrastructure across the area for the communities that the council serves.



To not approve the submission of bids into the LUF. This would mean that the council would miss out on the opportunity to receive funding from round two of the LUF. There is no guarantee that there will be a third round of LUF and this would mean that WNC would receive no grant funding.


Proposal to establish a 'School Minor Works' budget for 22/23 pdf icon PDF 707 KB



a)    Approved the 2022/23 ‘School Minor Works’ budget to rectify condition issues in WNC maintained schools, ensuring the Council continues to fulfil its statutory obligation of maintaining its school estate;

b)    Noted that WNC’s allocation of ‘School Condition Allocation’ funding had been confirmed by the DfE at £1,732,900 and that this grant funding will be utilised as WNC’s ‘School Minor Works’ budget for 2022/23;

c)    Noted that any works undertaken under the ‘Schools Minor Works’ budget would be delivered as part of a rolling programme of conditions surveys at maintained schools in the Local Authority;

d)    Delegate authority to the Director of Children’s Services, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Children, Families and Education, to authorise all necessary legal, property and financial agreements to ensure effective delivery of condition schemes.



·         WNC would continue to fulfil its statutory obligation of maintaining its school estate;

·         The recommended course of action was the most effective and prevents delays in procuring essential works;

·         Consistency with previous decisions. This is the third year of the ‘School Minor Works’ programme.





Proposal to establish a new 250 place, ‘all-through’ Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) School for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) at Tiffield St John’s site, Tiffield, West Northamptonshire pdf icon PDF 594 KB

Additional documents:


RESOLVED: Cabinet;

a)    Noted the current deficit of SEND places that was being experienced across West Northamptonshire and the projected demand for places in coming academic years set out in paragraph 5.10-5.12.

b)    Agreed to the ‘free school presumption’ process being progressed to identify an academy trust to operate the new ‘all-through’ special school.

c)    Delegated responsibility to the Interim Director of Children’s Services, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Children, Families and Education to take any necessary decisions to progress the ‘free school presumption’ process and to confer ‘preferred bidder’ status upon the academy trust that is selected (subject to DfE approval) to operate the new school.

d)    Noted that all matters relating to the capital cost required to deliver the required new school will be subject to further reports to Cabinet once the expenditure required to deliver the new school has been finalised.



The proposal:

·         Helped to ensure that the council was able to fulfil its statutory obligation of providing a sufficiency of SEND places within West Northamptonshire in future academic years;

·         Provided an increased number of SEND places and would help ensure that children with additional needs were able to access education in a provision that is best placed to meet their needs; and

·         Establish a new ‘all-through’ special school, which could be considered a benefit all West Northamptonshire’s mainstream primary and secondary schools as it would reduce the need for mainstream school settings to provide places to children with additional needs where that provision was not best placed to meet very high-level, low incidence needs;



The recommended course of action was the most cost-effective and would reduce pressure on the high needs block (HNB) element of the dedicated schools grant (DSG) via a reduction in the number of children being required to be placed in more expensive out of county and independent provisions to meet their individual needs.



·         Do nothing: this option would result in the failure of WNC fulfilling its statutory obligation of providing a sufficiency of SEND places in West Northamptonshire in future academic years. It would also result in the requirement to utilise places in increasingly distant and more expensive places within the independent sector, which would place a further strain on the HNB of the DSG and revenue general fund home to school transport budget. If WNC cannot demonstrate that it is able to manage its DSG allocation in a balanced position (or have plans to do so) this

would result in intervention by the DfE.

This option would have also prevented WNC from addressing issues relating to the timely provision of places in an appropriate setting for pupils in receipt of an EHC plan. This option was discounted for these reasons.

Ø  Identify alternative site as the prospective location for the proposed new school: Tiffield is located approximately eight miles from Northampton town (from where the majority of the demand for SEND places arises). However, the site has excellent transport links to the south  ...  view the full decision text for item 12.


UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Multiply Funding pdf icon PDF 711 KB


RESOLVED: Cabinet;

a)    Noted UK Government had advised WNC as the Lead Authority for UKSPF (£5,426,224.00) and Multiply (£1,901,176.15) for a three-year provisional maximum allocation of £7,327,400.15 and the requirement to develop both a UKSPF Investment Plan and a Multiply Investment Plan

b)    Endorsed the approach to develop both Investment Plans by sourcing evidence and liaising with internal and external stakeholders

c)    Noted that under existing delegated powers, officers would submit a WNC Multiply Investment Plan by 30th June 2022 to the DfE and update Cabinet in July

d)    A further report would be submitted to Cabinet in July to address the submission of the UKSPF Investment Plan by the deadline of August 2022



a)    To ensure West Northamptonshire benefits from this grant funding to enhance the community, boost the economy and support local residents and businesses.

b)    To maintain ongoing economic growth within the area, particular with the impending loss of EU funding and the need to utilise UKSPF to deliver positive economic development within the community.

c)    Would enable the Council to submit the Multiply Investment Plan by 30th June 2022.

d)    To secure the maximum level of investment to enhance local skill levels, benefiting the community and economy.



·         To not develop and submit an Investment Plan for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund would result in a loss of major potential investment into the area, which would be used to support the community and place, business support and people and skills.

·         To not develop and submit an Investment Plan for Multiply Funding by the deadline would result in a loss of major potential investment into local skill levels, addressing existing and potential anti-poverty, impacting the local quality of life, local employment and future of West

Northamptonshire residents.


Decision taken by the Leader under urgency procedures pdf icon PDF 570 KB


RESOLVED: That Cabinet noted the decisions taken by the Leader of the Council set out at Appendix A.



1.    Where decisions that would otherwise be taken by the Leader and Cabinet had been taken by the Leader alone, in the interests of transparency, the decision is reported to the next available meeting of the Cabinet.

2.    The decision taken provided the authority for the Council to exchange and complete on the above property which was subject to a short timescale.

3.    Full reasons for the decision taken are set out in the decision records appended to this report.





Sponne Arcade Short Stay Car Park pdf icon PDF 486 KB

Additional documents:


RESOLVED: That Cabinet;

a)    Noted the work to date in securing the land, gaining necessary planning approval and bringing the project to the on-site delivery stage.

b)    Authorised the appointment of Jeakins Weir Limited as principal contractor to undertake the construction works as defined by the construction information that has been developed by the Regeneration Team (a summary of the works is in this report). The contractor had already completed pre-construction services to the council including design, feasibility, and pricing to date, and are being procured through the Scape construction Framework.

c)    Noted the saving to the revenue budget of approximately £29,500. This saving was made mainly due to the reduction in National Non-Domestic Rates (NNDR or known as ‘business rates’) that will be liable across the site with the demolition of the former Co-op unit.



The recommendations establish financial and requisite authorities so that the Sponne Arcade short stay car park redevelopment could proceed.



To leave the area as it currently stands, incur the annual charges and do nothing – this could have a reputational impact on the council through investing in the site and not delivering on its vision to improve the area as referred in the design and access statement of the approved planning



Exclusion of the Press and Public

The following report(s) contain exempt information as defined in the following paragraph(s) of Part 1, Schedule 12A of Local Government Act 1972.


Paragraph 3 – Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information).


Members are reminded that whilst the following item(s) have been marked as exempt, it is for the meeting to decide whether or not to consider each of them in private or in public. In making the decision, members should balance the interests of individuals or the Council itself in having access to the information. In considering their discretion members should also be mindful of the advice of Council Officers.


Should Members decide not to make a decision in public, they are recommended to resolve as follows:


“That under Section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972, the public and press be excluded from the meeting for the following item(s) of business on the grounds that, if the public and press were present, it would be likely that exempt information falling under the provisions of Schedule 12A, Part I, Paragraph(s) 3 would be disclosed to them, and that in all the circumstances of the case, the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.”